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Originally Posted by neilL View Post
I thought this thread was just the usual NJR100 banter but that is something that needs wider discussion. I note that Shaun was marking so he would know the situation and hopefully the Chief Marshall for the day might be nudged to make a comment.

Pretty stable position also using a sling to support the left arm, pushing the gun upward against the tension.

Really quite extraordinary so a speedy resolution would be good.

Our sport's decision body are the regions of the BFTA. It is not the Officers of the BFTA. The regions and the officers may make proposals for discussion and subsequent voting upon by the regions (only the Chairman has a vote and this is only used when there is tie and he must vote to maintain the staus quo). Any change to the Main Shoot Rules or GP rules should be proposed and voted upon at the AGM in November and rubber stamped at the EGM in January. As a consequence "speedy resolution" is not an option. I have spent many hours in a room discussing adapted positions and some people far far more. Reaching a conclusion that satisfies all is, I promise, not that easy.

regards Shaun
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