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Originally Posted by ellis d View Post
Thats exactly wot i thought, he knocked the targets down and got to his feet in a split second
i cant get up that quick, and im a highly tuned athlete with a bad back and a drink problem
i can accept if your knees are shot, u do the disabled kneeler! but if u can carry a 12 pound air rifle round for 4 hours, im pretty sure u can stand and put the scope to your eye, If the individual in question wants to tell me why he cant shoot the standers ! im all ears, personally i think if u shoot any thing in the disabled position, u should be in the disabled class, if im not competing on a level playing field, I see no point in traveling hundreds of miles to shoot a course knowing im 2 to 4 targets down to somebody before i start,
after seeing tht im thinking about shooting in the spring gun class for the rest of the series !!!!!!!!!!!!
Originally Posted by DaveRobinson View Post
it would certainly apear to my eyes watching that video that the individual whomever he is is able bodied in the lower body thus gaining an advantage in accordance with the bfta disabled shoot rules.. The disabled postions it would seem are nesscercy for those who have knee leg or hip problems as he can clearley stand up quicker than a tornado jet taking off. For upper body injuries the disabled positions are not nessecery as the uper body part is the same stance as a regualr standing position... IE if the gun can be held like that on the ground then it can be held standing up or kneeling. Thus this shooter would appear to be gaining an advantage? It states in the bfta rules that this should not give an advantage if im reading it correctly?
Wish I could get up off the bag that !
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