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Originally Posted by goulss View Post
A friend of mine has found the most amazing site to set up an FT course.

Probably around 3 to 4 acres, good acess, well mown with a number of mature Oak trees on it, a private wood screening it off from the road which is around a hundred yards away, and open farm land on the other sides.

There would be ample room for parking, the FT course to a maximum of maybe 70 yards, a 30 yard plinking range etc. etc.

How exactly do you go about getting this sort of place up and running and licensed etc.

What would be the normal charge for someone using a facility like this, would you charge by the hour, by the number of goes around the course or by the day?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, we would like to get this up nd running ASAP

Where exactly are you mate ?
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