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Originally Posted by ellis d View Post
Thats exactly wot i thought, he knocked the targets down and got to his feet in a split second
i cant get up that quick, and im a highly tuned athlete with a bad back and a drink problem
i can accept if your knees are shot, u do the disabled kneeler! but if u can carry a 12 pound air rifle round for 4 hours, im pretty sure u can stand and put the scope to your eye, If the individual in question wants to tell me why he cant shoot the standers ! im all ears, personally i think if u shoot any thing in the disabled position, u should be in the disabled class, if im not competing on a level playing field, I see no point in traveling hundreds of miles to shoot a course knowing im 2 to 4 targets down to somebody before i start,
after seeing tht im thinking about shooting in the spring gun class for the rest of the series !!!!!!!!!!!!
A disabled class what a good idea, and im sure 99% of other people think its a good idea including people who really do have mobility problems
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