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Originally Posted by fireblade View Post
A quick question?, in the vidoeo, how come that standing shot was taken from the disabled shooting positition, as the chap got up from his seat using the power of his legs only?, whilst holding the full weight of his rifle?, if he can do that then he can surely take it from the proper position. and that hill was a b**ch to climb! ?.
Thats exactly wot i thought, he knocked the targets down and got to his feet in a split second
i cant get up that quick, and im a highly tuned athlete with a bad back and a drink problem
i can accept if your knees are shot, u do the disabled kneeler! but if u can carry a 12 pound air rifle round for 4 hours, im pretty sure u can stand and put the scope to your eye, If the individual in question wants to tell me why he cant shoot the standers ! im all ears, personally i think if u shoot any thing in the disabled position, u should be in the disabled class, if im not competing on a level playing field, I see no point in traveling hundreds of miles to shoot a course knowing im 2 to 4 targets down to somebody before i start,
after seeing tht im thinking about shooting in the spring gun class for the rest of the series !!!!!!!!!!!!
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