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Default BFTA Gp 2 2012 MAD photos

as per usuall, not to offend but amuse.

Pics from MAD Gp2 2012

AM session standers

This lot are facing the wrong Way

Another trophy for jesus

is it me or this a clone of berty

MAD for it

hotshot remembers how to miss with an ev2

big Hitters. though not of the 45 yard stander

my money is on Robf owning an Ev2
and Helen coming out of hospital to find she no longer has a walther!

Tosh was dancing all round the course, Rave on

West Walian Postman Pat never seen so many Sheep as we found in Basilwood, Rock on Farmer get those wellies shining

John chopping nails the 45 yarder

That coat look superb. i need matching shorts

We nearly lost Gilly in the Long grass

Lori needs to pinch Colins walther, I am sure he not set yours up the same

now thats what i call a bad hair Day

Thats what Todd needs, a floppy hat

Paul picks up standing tips from the Gimp coat king TBC

these are all Boingers, MAD

Dean trys to poke the short stander over incase his pellet misses.

Wish he would sod off and do 10m, not going to beat him uless i sit down too

Little and Large

Little and even littler!

Fair play, if Billet Leg Bill can stand anyone can

Villiers is from NZ, so this is for his friends back home

Least and seemingly heading for last place in AA, mr 35 yards please

some Pm session photos by kilty

storm clouds were gathering for someof the pm shooters on the hill

Money goes to money they say

all that gear for 33? You know you want an EV2

the worboyes

Pm photos by NJR 100

If the wind changes your face will stay like that, Oh it has!1

Dont forget to dial Nick

You got that one dave? Cracking shot

The Woods, stunning.

The woods that is not Berty

Top of the X men

a picture is worth a 1000 words

"Missed" would have done though

Hells Hill

Who knows, could be a stander

Wait till i get my ostler ev2

Alan performs for the camera

Tango Man misses the plate

in this tree

I guess they dont use a chrono in HFT lol

Wafta B grade, who do you think you are me lol

The Big Hill climb comp

BFTA Grading Q's to;
sorry wont answer Bfta q's on forums, Cant keep track of replies etc!
BFTA updates on

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Beast Priest Ostler Ev2 & x45 prem ret comp in Warren Edwards stock
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