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Default Gp2 = M.A.D ( I blame Tosh )

Originally Posted by ellis d View Post
Well done mr fat bloke, kicked my *** today, u looked like death when we left, "clubbing at your age" roll on tawd vale victory will be mine....i hope !!!!
Despite the wee fella not being convinced, thats the worse I have felt in any shoot.

Note to self, 44 not 24 = no more clubbing.


Saturday @ Springfield.
Gun shot fine, stuggled it seemed with over ranging at times which is something i think i have noticed in the last couple of weeks. Made the 45 yard kneeler 51, then 44, then 48. shot it 48 and hit it. Think it may have been conditions though , dark lanes in sunlight. Went back to itlater when sun had gone and it was three from three 40m so spot on.
Got an eye test coming up and as its been two years since the last i wont be surprised if they tell me my eyes have shifted again. Missed 4 for wind and two disaplines as was not concentraiting, thinking about eyes and rangefinding.
Lordy, for one awfull moment i was trying everones March scopes and decided Dave Schoefields was the ret i liked with a view to a fixed x40 March. Must have been something in the water.

Did have a slight problem finding my way out of springfield as hollies car was in the way. Very sorry about the dent


We ended up in Baslewood saturday night, our premier in slap bang in the middle of a huge party. Needless to say jigging away with 7 pints of guiness a 15 inch pizza and something called jurgermister (?) in me till past midnight was not the best Gp preperation.
I may have written something before about not being prepeared properly!


Top course with three sections, the banks that nearly killed me just walking up them, twice (bloody kilty!) the small open bit by the chrono and the stunning bluebell woods.

Started on lane two with Gilly and John Chopping who is sort of a hero of mine as he is using a 100 series. top bloke not like us cheaters.

Hit first tartet, number 3, think it was 40m but gave the longer t4 "3" edge and it cleared 9 by half inch. Wind had picked up lol.
Target 11 (40 m ish) went straight on me and then came the proof that guines shaken not stirred does not mix with Ft.
45 yard stander, I was so unsteady i thaught i was going to fall down at one point. Even getting the cross hair onto the plate was an effort and i was thinking there is going to be a dull thud as this pellet hits the tree lol.
as it was my shot went so hight on the crow target i hit it in the head, but at least I hit plate. Still, standers and kneelers are usually where the comps are won and lost.
so 9 ex 12 off the banks and the thaught of having to go back up. I did say that if my score was crap after target 50 and i was expecting it to be, i would not go back to lane 12 but take two misses. Had to go back as it turned out.
missed target 33, 35 yard reducer (wernt there all!) shooting slightly uphill and thus uncomftable for a fattie. Just twitched and split it but it did not go down.
Miised T38, 32 yard stander. In truth that was the only bad shot of the day but having seen Cameron, Jack and fake Fisher double dink the lane in the pm session, just goees to show thats its not right competing against shooters not standing.Seperate class is needed end of.

Back up the hill, i had to stop twice for targets 1 & 2 to finish. T 1 was about 42m i think, gave it all four dots down it went. t2 was a touch further high up the tree. Gave it a bit more, last dot only to see the pellet move about inch. could have stayed inside kill lol.

all in all, despite peeing about ten times on the course, usually when Sam was passing, great company with Gily and John chopping and a hugley unexpected result and hopefully the good start to the season will continue.

did i mention Fishers score??

1 -1
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