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Default Lane 2!

Thanks to all at M.A.D for today.

Thanks to Mr. Chopping and even to Gilly, although he dont believe how bad i was feeling. Enjoyed the company. Sorry about the Wind!

Zero range, spot on, plenty for all

Food, nice and well priced.

Course- The banks. Bloody long way up, especially when starting on lane 2 and then having to go back for lane 1 to finish. I would not have bothered if i had not been doing ok lol.
Perhaps the course could have been staggered back to back on the banks to save the climb, or was firing towards the house not an option?
no matter really, if I made it up there twice anyone can as I really am unfit lol. Good long targets on the banks, nice tree shots. Maybe room for one or two of the fulls to be a bit closer on the banks, 35 - 40y ish as there was enough wind to make that range testing. Enjoyed the banks though as you new others would drop targets there.

Chrono field, again nice targets and for me spot on.

Woods. allsorts in here. Long ones that needed no more than edge, the odd long one that took 2 inches. Quite a few short targets on the course, cant rember using the close focus adaptor as many times before in a gp.
I dont mnd the odd short one (even Gilly) but i dont see them doing much in a Gp really apart from trying to catch a newcomer or high scope on the dialing trick?
Did think that most of the 25 ml kills seemed to be 33-35 yards or under 10? cant remeber any of the 8 x25 ml being in the 20 -30 y range?
I liked the ranges on the 15 ml, think it was roughly 8 and 18y so one of each.
Have to say the woods is very nice setting to shoot in with the bluebells, looks perfect!

All in all i thaught good use of the land to give variety from lane to lane, thats my type of course.

Hope to see more Gps at MAD in the coming years?
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