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Originally Posted by Kingplinker View Post
Like I said , I think a ball joint would give a fair amount of ' tilt ' and and Rob says - the unit must move up and down to allow even the newest in our sport to get comfortable when shouldering a rifle .
The down side to the ball joint is that to have it move up and down as well it will be too long for most riffles. There are alot of people that dont like the idea of chopping off the end of their stock to make it fit, it wouldnt be possible to fit it to a light hunnter or such like, and could make selling your riffle harder as you would have to leave it on or expect the buyer to get one to make it useable. Im trying not to make it too long and easily interchangeable with a standard butt so more people could fit it and still give all the adjustment needed to make it comfortable.
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