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I've had a few good suggestions come in for improvements for the zeroing targets so there's an updated version of them available on the anston website now.
  • Short range targets now have red practice killzones for even more contrast, when printed in b/w the killzones are almost black so you can see them easier in a blurred scope.
  • All the practice killzones have a 15mm innner bullseye now for those that like to be super accurate
  • I've increased the number of ranges available - there's a target for every yard upto 20 yards etc. To get the extra targets you need to click 'More' next to the target download button on the website.
  • There's an extra page at the end of the PDF file explaining how to use the targets

There's also a cheeky request to click on a google ad on the Anston site if you find the targets useful - hope it's not too cheeky, the few pence I get for each click helps to fund the hosting and bandwidth costs of the site.

If anyone has any other suggestions for improvements, please let me know and I'll see what I can do.

Would anyone like them in metres as well as yards for example?
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