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Originally Posted by Bernie View Post
Are the 2 extra grub screws drilled into the breach to support the barrel necessary, or can it be floated without those. Obviously there's mixed views with regard's people floating the barrel on the EV2, and as mentioned, the AirArms barrels are all flimsy up to other guns that are floated, but I'm not knocking the fact that some do float there's, but if it did make a difference, then wouldn't AirArms distribute the EV2 with a floating barrel, and not fixed down.
I was thinking of doing mine, but the flimsyness puts me off, and the fact that they don't come out of the factory floated, so there must be a reason for this.
Intresting point the wall thickness is a whole 1mm differnt to the thick steyr barrels,with regard to free floating the MK1,2 and 3 some of them where not brilliant and free floating them did improve consistency not accuracy but i have not seen a mk4 that is not spot on.
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