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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Well you, like the others who have won it, will have my greatest admiration (and 10) if you win the Gp series. Infact, if you win the series i will give you 20

to me, its the hardest of all comps as its got the highest mumber of top Ft shooters taking part so you have more competion to beat, plus its over 9 rounds that really you need to do very well in the 6 counting to be in with a chance.

I think the worlds is getting there as there are now a growing number of Ft shooters from around the world that can beat the best in the Uk over 3 days.

I have never done the Euros as i am usually working on the saturday and the sunday is too close to no 1 sons birthday. Apart from the prize money its not one that grabs my attention but that may change if I ever get the chance to shoot it?

Mfta winter league is good granted and i think, depending on how wafta votes at the upcoming EGM there may be a chance I take it more seriously for the coming winter? Be nice to see if i can make top 10.
U need to shoot the euros "its a top shoot" but expeirence of the course helps, your mate holly did well last year "expeirence". as for the gps, i hate the travelling, i lose interest before the shoot has started
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