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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Must have been using the wrong tin last time out!

Tested the Dai 20 exacts yesterday. First thing i noticed they have the shorter hole into the skirt where as all the others have that deeper hole.
first pellet, 50m, take the dot out. good start. pellet 2 on top, pellet 3 out of kill??

and so repeat for about another 60 pellets. sizing made it worse, to the point i thsught i had stated loading Eley Wasps
I came to the concliusion Dai 20 reminded me of using accupells a few years ago. Three on top of each other (sounds fun!) while other two in a group went on mystery tour.
ok at 40 m, still not pellet on pellet at 40m like the other exacts but atleast all in 40mm kill.
As such, for me dai 20 are ok for Hft ranges or plinking / practising standers / Kneelers.
Not good enough for Ft.

Tested the new GP targets in the bowl of dome. Not that much dome as it turned out. Think they will still be good shots if the wind is not silly.
However the Ponds of panic will be just that. Its the top ponds that if there is any wind is where the Gp
will be won or lost?
hang on a minute, u said the other day the new pellets were on a par with the rest of your pellets uve got, your starting to sound like mr perfection "gilly bob white" im starting to think u dont really know what your doing my fat friend, next you will be trying different barrels, lol lol perfection is unatainable
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