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Originally Posted by holly View Post
When the rules say no support as far as i understand it you MAY use the bean bag under the chest to support the back when prone . as you will know if dopper uses the wooded area shooting UPHILL . it is very difficult to stop your self sliding back down when sitting on the bean bag if wet . i know cos i fell off mine in the winter league . as i said in one of NJRs posts if we get a lot of uphill shots . i will go prone , rather than slip slide away ??? HOLLY
The rule quite clearly states(12) SEATING
The maximum height for any form of seating is 4 inches (100 mm), including any backrest. Bean-bags should be measured when flattened between 2 boards. The seat may be used as an aid to sitting, kneeling, or standing shots using the above rules but for no other purpose.) Mr P
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