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Originally Posted by dozbadthebad View Post
a change to the plan for the Anglo American, due to the over whelming response to this 2 day event, we are know proposing the event takes place on just 1 day. Consisting of 40 FT targets to BFTA rules, and 40 HFT extreme targets (20 targets 2 shots at each).

So that is 80 shots in one day for a meesly 10,

Know I know your going to ask the dates and this is where you the shooters decide, we are asking you to vote which day you would like the event.

Saturday 2nd June or
Sunday 3rd June

Either date the most votes win, you have exactly one week to decide from today. The final date will be announced on the 16th May.

If you have already booked in, a refund is available for the full amount if required, or 10 on the day.

Nothing else chances so it all runs to the same rules, so hurry up and vote.

Any Questions just PM me.

My vote is Sunday 3rd June
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