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Default Quality .

Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Not while I am able to do it i think holls.

Truth be toldi gave up as young man when loverly young ladies came into sight. I wanted to get back into it years before i did, always something that stopped me, usually working every sunday at a Motocross or trial event.

I really enjoy the sport and no one is more bemused than me when i do well.

38 ex 40 at springfield? Thats either because the course is too easy or you know it too well. where is Mr.C!!

Saturday is practice day, Sunday is where it counts if ido well i do well.
Loads of people that will be in with a chance on sunday. Probably 20 + that "could" win it at MAD?
I know quality will out . but at MAD the trick is to not ever give up hope . cos by god it will be just as bad for the rest ??? HOLLY
" Be your self , everybody else is taken "
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