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Originally Posted by Scooby View Post
Hi Simon,

Supported kneelers don't have pegs but may use a post, its rare for a peg to have the target number on it but the support post always will.

For UKAHFT nationals we will ensure they use a 4" peg
Thanks, Pete.

So how do we know the difference between a long peg and a short post?

I realise that UKAHFT series courses will be vetted to ensure the unsupported kneeler has a short peg, but what about club shoots that are to UKAHFT rules?

We had an unsupported kneeler on Sunday with a peg that was about 15 inches long... Most of us chose to shoot it unsupported, but there was some discussion about whether or not it could be used as a support - as it was long enough and clearly over 4 inches.
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