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Originally Posted by SimpleSimon View Post
Hi Pete.

If the peg isn't marked unsupported (which we don't do) and the peg is considerably longer than the designated 4 inches, can we still use the peg?

Some supported kneelers use a long peg, rather than a tree or other object, as the support - but it may be hard to differentiate until you have had the chance to shoot the whole course.

In other words, if the course setters set an unsupported kneeling shot, but fail to use a short peg, is it acceptable for the shooter to use the long peg as support?
Hi Simon,

Supported kneelers don't have pegs but may use a post, its rare for a peg to have the target number on it but the support post always will.

For UKAHFT nationals we will ensure they use a 4" peg
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