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No but ther are plenty around. Everything from 5 star hotels down to homestays, and everything in between. Accommodation won't be an issue, just depends what people can afford on their travel budget.

The venue will either be a sweet dream or a real nightmare depending on the weather patterns. Last weekend we were in the same location but a different range area in 30 mph plus winds. We was on a hillside, and the Worlds range will be in a valley so its a lot more sheltered. All sea level, no altitude dramas.

Plenty of room, good mix of open lawn/arboretum type areas and bush tracks in thick NZ bush. You haven't experienced "dark" till you have shot in the bush.

Obviously not as historic and scenic as Italy was, but a little more regimented and organised rather than a trek around hillsides. Probably more Like Hungary location but thicker vegetation.

It is a scout camp, and the owners can cater using their kitchens, oh there is a swimming pool as well butit might be a tad cold.

One big detail will be the requirement to lock up the rifles in a central armoury from the moment you arrive until you leave. We will arrange that, and you check it out and back in nightly unless your accommodation has secure storage (its the law, no getting around it) and for repairs/maintenance it will be manned around the clock with an area to test fire indoors. (I learned the need for that in South Africa).

Early days, but venue is booked, host club chosen, and 200 targets sponsored.

Roll on Germany, I am intending going to that one myself.

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