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Originally Posted by mav78 View Post
Miss Genie,
major thanks for making yesterday such an enjoyable day, it was a rare crack and a pleasure to "ahem" have you on my team, yeah we're different teams but it was us two on the day as far ads I was concerned and without a laugh and giggle it aint worth it.. however, why is it only an Englisher would spell my surname with a ck.. I put the "och" in Cochrane!

Hope you had a good trip home and another great shoot today, it was an ace day yesterday.

Keep smiling.

Well done to all who attended yesterday, was a brilliant day and Juniper green is a fantastic venue run by an excellent bunch.

All the best

See ye soon Genie..

Mav (Rob Cochrane)
OOPPS! sorry on the mis-spell Rob, noted!

Yes, it was a great day and we made a good team and we certainly had a laugh and a giggle - hm! reminds me that I have a couple of photos you might like to see!!!!
Had a good shoot today (surprised I wasn't as tired as I expected to be) after a good trip home!
Hope we will meet again soon.

Jean xx
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