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Default A mute point

This is all very interesting reading guys, but I suggest you're all barking up the wrong tree ! We extended to entries from 150 to 175 to try to please as many people as possible. THIS HAS NOT HELPED ! 175 or 575 doesn't make a difference. After posting 175 names a short while ago, the "time to pay" came around. We are now at 140 and will be lucky to break even financially. The reason for the drop in numbers is people DON'T HAVE THE MONEY ! A lot of these places were reserved from the time we opened the website, though within the last month have pulled the plug because of work commitments and/or insufficient funds.. That reminds me ... all of you reading this that have vented your displeasure, here's your big chance ...send me an email, send your money, and come on over in August ... oh ! and NZ Adam, if you're reading this, if the current economic climate continues, I think you're in for a disappointment in 2014 mate !
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