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Default News for all grades

Day 1 Over with and as predicted the fight for top place in all grades and classes is certainly interesting.. Some shooters were left feeling destroyed on the silles and some feeling destroyed on the course. The wind pixes were out to play today making every target different James Osbourne is currently out front on 73 with Jack Harris and Rob O'neil on 71 about 4 more on 68 behind them. In A Grade stuart percivals is currently out in front on an impressive 65 follewed by his own team mate Stephen Littlefair on 60 who is tied with Italian Dario Gusmeroli. B Grade sees John Kociumbas leading on 54 followed by Steve Chubb on 51. C Grade and the boys are left wanting after nicola gore has put in an impressive 42. Recoiling way out in front you knew it nick Murphy with an amazing 61 a good 9 points clear of Paul James on 52. Junors and we see Dylan Varney putting in a 40 followed by newcomer Chloe Jackson on 36. SFT sees Chris Cundy on top form with 59 shaddowed by Dave Ramshead on 57. Top shooting on very difficult course everyone. As we all know however the pressure goes on tommorow and things could be all change...Booking in closes at 8.30pm first out are Green Squad on The FT and Red on Sillies (from memory)
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