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Originally Posted by Mr P View Post
Been thinking about this a bit more, i know this will not happen over night but here goes. I know Andy is up against it a bit this year and he has had some what i would think some fairly harsh comments but it is what it is he will do the best he can with what he has got and i wish him all the best. I would like to see the top 100 places Ring fenced from the previous years worlds that means the best 100 inclusive of who could attend, and who wanted to put the effort in to attend not neccesserally the best 100 in the world thus rewarding them for attending. It should be a first come first served after that, at the best part of 100+ just for the locals you have got to be either mad or very serious to take part in this event and all things being equal with the new rules being introduced there is a minimum of 225 places to be had so really i do not see it being that limited.
I dont agree steve, if its the so called pinnacle of the sport "the worlds" then it should be the best shooters that go and compete, every other sport that has a world championship, u would have to qualify for it, regardless if there are 4 places or 20 places up for grabs.
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