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The world championships is NOT a team event unless no was noticed, it is an indivdual shooting competition to find the best shooter in the world the team event is a side line as is the ladies junior and veteran however it is quite feasable for one of the former to win it as in a certain previous winner did whom was gracious enough to accept the title alone gifting the veteran title to the runner up. I fully appreciate that not everyone can compete so if there is to be some form of qualification surely it should be down to abilaty and not down to the fact that there is only a very small number in a country that want to take part. I do not beleive in the troyer scale myself but if that is the only way to create a standard round the world so be it at least everyone would have an idea of the standard required to take part in the worlds, as for if there is a qualifying event so be it but make it on a seperate course at an event only for anyone who wants to go to the world(just my thought) Steve
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