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.......... be happy to see a qualification place be given to someone just because they are going by default... ie they might be the only Junior/Senior/Springer/Lady attending.


Why not look at this perspective?

team of 4 pcp class

+compulsory 1 springer, 1 lady, 1 senior, 1 junior

Makes 8 total per RGB, brings an onus onto the RGB's to include other than pcp class shooters.

To be fair and honest the scoring team shooters on any given day are likely to be down to 4 as that will be the lowest common denominator that decides which score count. Why not set it at 4 total?

Brings team places into focus for each event, requiring qualification beforehand for each RGB, and then if there are unallocated places which are not taken up they can be handed out to privateer entries after a cutoff registration date.

As mentioned, there will be variations in demand for places based upon where in the World it is being held each year. A compulsory formula would work in both high demand and low demand years, also fits with the apparent drive to formalise and standardise the Worlds event.

Lower attendances at Worlds will probably end up in more lower level intermediate International events springing up to fill the void, such as your Euro's, or as we are planning with an Australia/New Zealand biennial fixture.

Just my personal opinion, but probably is time to view the FT Worlds as no longer a discretionary decision based upon your ability to make it part of your Holidays abroad.

Germany sounds like fun, and we have three already planning........should be able to make up a team by then.

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