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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
Oi... you were the one with the stressed bollock

The euro's sounds like it could be a possible. I'll have a talk with Mick next week... and circulate it to the EFTA management committee when we've thrashed it out.

If places are limited then we could cut it to the bare minimum. 4 for the team. 1 for each other class. If we don't have an entrant in a class, then we put it out to the class with the biggest demand. Same if we have double entries. And it will be mandatory to enter, no getting shy just cos someone doesn't like admitting they're over 60 or 'is a lady' but no-one knew

It will make it hard to qualify for, for everyone, and we won't be able to rely on our depth of PCP shooters... but I can't think of an in between. In all likelyhood, unless we have a junior going (and consider the parent is highly likely not to be able to shoot), we could be talking 5-6 for the team, + springer + lady.

Question is, how do we open it up if we get more places... ratio? Hmm.

Short answer is don't make a competition where you can't fit everyone in for a start. Which is why the EFTA have already started talking about organising our leg, with capacity for 360 shooters, in a prestige venue and have done a basic check on it being feasible. That's still 3 mins per lane, 3 shooters per lane + 5 standing squads. At the current country list that leaves 120 additional places for UK shooters with 240 from abroad.

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Well, it's reassuring that at this time someone is on the case and that idea's are being aired.
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