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I put my Leup comp next to a roast chicken in the oven (obviously I had to take it off the action first I'm not that daft) .
Got the oven upto gas mark 4 and left it for about 30 mins , roughly 120 degree's then strapped it on , quick zero with the aid of an oven glove and noticed that it hadn't shifted a knacker

The second part of my experiment I placed the Comp next to a kiwi fruit Muller rice in my fridge ! Took it down to about 1 degree , strapped it back on , quick zero and it had moved about 15 yards on the wheel !

My initial thoughts where of disbelief as I hadn't realised I still had the Muller rice in the fridge !
Do you think I've damaged my scope ?

Please note no chickens or frozen products were harmed in this experiment & it was sponsored by Blue Stratos !
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