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Question Simples !!!!!!!!!!!!

My opinion ! Don't shoot me i'm just saying !

Use the Euro's as the England Qualifying shoot based on the the following which i think are key points;

1. It's a two day shoot at a cracking venue with the best of the best there, so your in effect getting the cream of the crop in one place give or take a few if you are looking to establish the strongest team possible.
The Euro's is pretty much set in stone every year , dates , venue etc etc so no excuses regarding i can't attend this because of this that or the other ! , tough **** , it's on that weekend and you know that months or years in advance !

2. Express an interest in trying to qualify for an England team spot prior on registration, doesn't really matter on numbers at this stage, leaves loads of time for EFTA officials to sort postions a few weeks later for example , not running around a course stressed to high bollocks with a clip board asking your score ( no names mentioned ) !

3. It's a nice gap time wise between Euro's Sept 2012 - Worlds Aug 2013 for example ,so no rush regarding organising flights,accomodation etc knowing if you have qualified & definatly want to go you can book it once registration opens & sit back.

4. Class the qualification on a 1st ,2nd ,3rd ,4th ,5th etc etc etc position basis, so if anyone drops out it is filled by the next avaliable shooter, almost like a ladder system.
You will always get the people that want to go then um & ar waste time and not go , so based on the above it's simple !
a. You qualify for example in 3rd position you want to go , you can go ! Great !
b. You qualify for example in 3rd position you now don't want to go ! everyone moves up a position ! Simples ! Tough **** you had your chance !
Do this as well with the Spring ,Ladies & Juniors , so in effect you have the best spring gun shooter , the best lady & junior !

Only a thought, i know it will be wrong & pulled to pieces but just trying to put some logic into it !

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