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Originally Posted by Jamesy View Post
I know it's a long way off yet (Germany) and i understand that folks are eager to get an idea of what's going to happen regarding places etc... but let's not focus only on the top places, there also happens to be a few Ladies, Juniors and dare i mention spring gun shooters who would also like a place and the opportunity to compete at the highest level for their country.
If there has to be a qualification type of event to decide who the few out of a prospective many get to go, let's not decide it by lumping everyone together and taking the top scorers, other wise it will end up as the top PCP AA grade shooters only.
I know Paul. The EFTA are stuck between the issue and a federation which seems to give little consideration to the problems it's creating.

Answers on a postcard. I don't want to see the other classes under represented, but if that's a case then we will be sending a team of 4, a Junior, a Senior, a Springer and a Lady. We could cross qualify, which could open up one place for the team perhaps. If we don't get a junior entry then that's another. But will people be happy to see a qualification place be given to someone just because they are going by default... ie they might be the only Junior/Senior/Springer/Lady attending.

That's aside from the fact we have 30 countries, 8 people in a team and no smart suggestions from the federation as to how to fit 240 shooters on a course apart from a *it will be alright on a night* kind of approach. Probably because a lot of countries don't actually have that many people wanting or able to attend.

I'll email Germany and ask them how they intend to handle numbers and entries.
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