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Default New rule changes for 2013

Sorry to highjack the worlds thread andy, but it kind of relates or will do once norway is complete.

WFTF new rules for 2013 have been sent out.

Things that have changed of note (to me)

In host countries where higher power air rifles are allowed, the latter may participate in a separate class. Fully adjustable rifle stocks are permitted to accommodate various shooting styles and positions. The surface of the hamster (and knee pad) must be flat and not shaped to provide lateral support to the rifle.

Seating. The maximum height for any form of seating is 150 mm (6”) when flattened between 2 boards. The seat may only be used as an aid in sitting or kneeling shots.

Rifle accessories allowed.
 A single rifle sling - no additional straps are allowed; Might try this with the new Gimp coat?
 Inclinometer. Guess Steep high and low shots will be the norm soon?

A limited number of targets may be fitted with reduced diameter hit zones of 15 mm or 25 mm.
so no 20ml as in italy

Terrain. For field target shooting events a suitable field/forest terrain should be identified and prepared. For the annual World Field Target Championship event this terrain should ideally allow for three courses of 25 lanes each with 2 targets to be erected per lane (total of 50 targets per course). Lanes of these three courses must alternate (e.g. red/blue/green course) along the terrain. For non-Worlds events 3 targets per lane may be erected.

Target placement and numbering.
Targets shall be placed at distances of between 8 metres and 50 metres from the firing line. Targets may be placed at higher or lower elevation to the firing line, but must at all times be fully visible from all shooting positions and face the shooter at a 90° angle (plus or minus 5°).

Lesson learnt from Italy I hope

2.3 Positional targets. The basic/free shooting position is sitting/prone, but some lanes may be designated as ‘standing’ or ‘kneeling’. The total number of targets designated as standing or kneeling may not exceed 20% of the total number of targets on that particular course, and these positional targets should be divided as equally as possible, e.g. 3 standing and 2 kneeling lanes or vice versa. The maximum distance that positional targets may be placed at is 40 metres. A clear sign at the firing line shall indicate kneeling or standing lanes.

2.4 Reduced diameter hit zones. The total number of targets with reduced diameter hit zones may not exceed 25% of the total targets on that particular course. Maximum distance limitations for such targets are as follows:

Non-positional targets
15mm 20 metres
25mm 35 metres

Positional targets
15mm Not allowed
25mm 20 metres

Seem to recall reduced standers and kneelers further out in italy, so i guess things have been reeled in slightly? Still, better start practising for germany?

No non-participants are allowed on the shooting line.

so does that mean no runners and wifes?

Competitors that cannot, for whatever physical or medical reason, comply with a particular shooting position, shall inform the Chief Marshal before commencement of a match, and obtain permission to use an alternative position or aid, providing that no unfair advantage is gained. All Marshalls shall be made aware of such arrangement.

Can of worms! ah me back

Emergency services in the form of an ambulance or qualified first aid staff must be present on the range during at least all Worlds and international events.

a private ambulance company then?

During 2011 the majority of RGB’s voted in favour of an additional practice match on the day before commencement of the Worlds competition.

Thats good but means the worlds is becoming a full weeks visit i think?

Competitors are allowed one minute for preparation plus one minute per target on a lane. Timing starts when the competitor sits down/kneels or brings the scope to his/her eye for ranging in the standing position.

I still think this is two long

Only shooters grouped together on a lane or a Deputy Marshal may handle score cards. Any changes to a score card shall be counter signed by a Deputy Marshall.

Not a bad idea as long as shooters are not waiting for a marshall to appear?

All for 2013, should be interesting.
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