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Default Get well Gilly

[QUOTE=NJR 100;82283]
Good practise at tondu today. Hardly any wind and the sized 4.52 exacts were superb out of REV with one whole groups at 50m on the zero range!QUOTE]

Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
interesting day today in strong Tondu winds.

Seems that sizing exacts may not be the answer if the wind is up?
Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Nice r - l wind offering different amounts of pellet drift from 25- 55y. most testing at 55y and the results showed as Arms dealer pointed out Saturday the unsized pellets seemed to take less wind.

so, its unsized from for now, in REV.

Got another Batch to test tomorrow. Old Dai 70 seemed on a par with my dai but dai 14 spred a bit and were not that tight in my ev, where as Arms dealers old gun really likes them. both shooters / Guns putting in 10+ shot groups no buigger than a 5 p at 55y!

how do you miss!!!
[QUOTE=NJR 100;84877]
Lubed dai 10 Exacts straight from the tin, how do you miss.
seemed that the groups were very tight at 50m, would not have missed a 15 ml very often evan at 50m.

Had a mrnigns setting up and testing at tondu.

Set the NJR up with Rs for SFT / HFT. Superb, but there was no wind lol
Least if I use my 6 tins of Falcon / RS up on the short range stuff I wont be tempted to try a Gp with them !

Decided to give the New Gimp coat its first try out. Drilled a few new holes as they had put the buttons in silly places and now it almost fits me.

Very different sitting down with it done up and it has to be said far more stable. Certainly will try and keep using it over the next week or so and then see how it goes with the coat done up at Gp2.

Need some tight leather shorts to go with it now

Did a bit of comparrison between dai 36 sized to 4.52 and from tin, again.

Seemed that with a slight breeze sizing made for tighter groups.
however in the past in strong winds its shown that staright from the tin is the answer.
Certainly gp1 and sunday were windy shoots and the straight from tin option worked well.

So maybe two set of pellets will be needed for each shoot? Depending on wind strength I then pick sized or unsized?

More tresting Friday with the new Batch / Dai

Lastly and certainly not least, Hope all went well for top shooter and chap airfix gilly today. his eye has been duff for a while so he was having an op today.

hope all is goodl and that if you dont make Gp2, you make gp3.
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