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Originally Posted by A458 View Post
One point regarding the stocks, if the use of a hampster on the arm is not ok, then how are we going to deal with fully formed stocks that appear to compensate as a hampster, but again are rested? You will probably have pictures regarding this out next week. eg Daystate mk3 or GNIB stocks against Walther stocks.
I can't see what the problem with stocks is ??? you have never been able to rest the stock on your arm for a kneeling shot, which is why the rules used to state "only the leading hand can support the rifle & that itself should be unsupported" it's also why the hand had to be forward of the knee as people used to drop their hand onto the leg when nobody was looking.

On a kneeling shot the only parts of your body that can support the rifle are your two hands with the rifle shouldered. No other part of your body can be used to support the rifle & no part of the body can be used to support the hands....This has always been the rules but we've just reworded them to take into account of people resting on their legs for reverse kneelers & peg resting.
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