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Question Kneelers unsupported

Originally Posted by Scooby View Post
We've now altered the rules on the UKAHFT site to reflect these changes, the new kneeling sections are in BOLD RED.

We'll also be making slight changes to the format to reflect these changes shortly
If we are changing the 2012 rules, is this change going to be looked at retrospectively SHOULD any shooter be advised that their stance is illegal? as they would have been using it prior to the amendment and this would impact on their score.

It's a bit like allowing goal-line technology after the first month of the football season, all hell would break loose. Lets leave the unsupported kneelers as they were and change the rules at the end of the UKAHFT season, but educate all those who would be illegal in 2013 so that we are all sing off the same hymn sheet at the begining of the season.

If hampsters allow support, then should they be banned? if so, what about butt plates and altered rifles to make allowance of peoples different shapes and stances. Taking this to a logical conclusion, why not shoot open sights only as optics give an advantage!
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