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Originally Posted by delta1 View Post
It happens, and is all part of the fun.

Just try to make the next one better, then you'll soon be back to where you should be.

Sometimes its the miserable ones that you remember later.
Never a truer word spoken. In 97 I shot a local 50 shpt FT comp near Petersfield. Just enjoyed the day and ignored the gripes and moans from around me. Spoke to my club mates when I was half way round and they had a couple of lanes to go. The shock on their faces when they saw I had only missed 2 targets so far .

Go to the end of course droopping only 3 in total. Was really chuffed with a 47/50 next score was a 44/50.

Anyway the following weekend was a GP near Worcester. Feeling good knowing the rifle and scope perfromed well the week before. Scored a total of 20/50 had 26 split pellets of which only 1 went down , missed all the standers , got all the kneelers and only missed most of the 40yd+ targets.

Just put it down to the group and weather one of those left then right then left winds

Just look at it this way, it can only every get better after a really bad shoot.
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