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Originally Posted by griggzy View Post
pete and pete apologise in advance for the can of worms i may be about to open but here goes ......
why is it seen as ok to rest the pistol grip on the ground aslong as u place ur finger under it between the grip and the floor , but the matt between the pistol grip and the floor is not ok ? BOTH are rested ??? i really cant see the difference apart from some people hands ie: juniors and women etc there hands wont big big enough to stretch to allow this position . so how is this position deemed legal ?
also id like to add i do not rest my pistol grip on the floor using either a matt or finger but its always been a rule thats puzzled me as its very hard to see if the finger is actually under the grip or not and im sure gets overlooked all the time


Unfortunately we can only cover so much with the rules otherwise weíd end up with a book full of rules & nobody would want to shoot, we try to make the rules as fair as possible to the majority of shooters

Being able to place the little finger under the grip was initially brought in as a way to indicate & prevent the grip touching the ground but I donít think itís giving anyone a major advantage otherwise we would both be using it. A target would have to be at the perfect height for you to get the grip & buttpad on the floor at the same time so a finger under the grip usually indicates the buttpad will be off the floor which I donít think gives anyone a major advantage.

To clarify though, the matt is classed as the ground.

Quite often we change the rules before things start to escalate & get silly, if we take the reverse kneeling for instance. On the face of it some wonít see it creating much of an advantage but it is totally against the original idea of a kneeling shot where you arenít allowed to rest your gun on your leg, whether this is directly on the leg or indirectly by resting the gun on the arm which is then directly supported on the leg. How on earth can we stop one lot of shooter resting the gun on their legs yet allow it in others, we soon end up with everyone doing it & the original kneeling position would be goneÖ.itís not going to happen.

We will be altering the rules slightly to cover the new change & weíll try to make them as clear as possible but please remember if you are in doubt let us know & we will be happy to demonstrate the allowed positions or give a ruling on your positions
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