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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
The only thing that is making you sick is by reading this you can see my scores generally are heading up from 2011 with the switch to the "cheaters" exact pellets.

That means, having beat you last year with Express that wonder about merrily in the wind, you know this year a whooping is on the cards with the exacts for you, and thats whats making you sick the impending loss of a burgert every gp and a 10 at the end of it.

That 10 may come in handy too as at least with F.F. at least i have a bit of compition

I can see Holly owning an EV2 by the end of the year and thus finally being able to compete, almost
Yeah, an EV2 and a nice "dustbin" i mean a nikko to sit on top of it.....
EV2mk4-Nikko nato mk1
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