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Originally Posted by shaun eustace View Post
Sorry but I am thoroughly confused It does not take much....

I can't work out how the statements below work in tandem.

"During a supported shot you may rest any part of the rifle on the support but you must still assume a three point kneeling position." (2 feet & 1 knee) I take this mean I can rest my rifle on a support (hay bale for example) wihout my leading hand being involved?

"The leading hand only will support the gun and forward of the wrist the hand should itself be unsupported" I take this to mean that I can only support the gun using an unsupported hand forward of the wrist?

I am quite sure that I am missing something fundemental (a brain perhaps)..

The second statement is talking about what on your body can support the rifle when assuming a standard kneeling position. When using a support you can rest any part of your body or rifle on the support as long as the trigger is behind the line & you are still assuming the same standard kneeling position, you can't suddenly drop to both knees or pull the leading hand to the knee or rest any part of the rifle on your leg.

If this still isn't clear I'll be happy to clarify any points at Emley Moor (07:30-08:30)
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