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Letís take this from the beginning Ö..The kneeling position is defined as only 3 points of contact with the ground (2 feet & 1 knee).The rear foot shall be upright and straight in line with the knee, sitting on a turned foot is not allowed. The leading hand only will support the gun and forward of the wrist the hand should itself be unsupported

At no time have you been allowed to support the rifle by dropping your hand onto your knee or supporting the rifle on you leg or arm.

The position Steve has highlighted has previously been allowed but clearly some shooters are now resting their rifles on their legs which has never been allowed. As we canít police every shooter or sometimes see whether or not they are resting on the leg in such a crouched position this position has now been banned.

Originally Posted by griggzy View Post
also pete just want to clarify that reverse kneelers are still allowed aslong as the rifle is not rested on the knee ( ie shoulderd butt ) but we are still allowed to rest the elbow from the trigger hand on the knee ???
As I said in my first post, a reverse kneeling position is legal but you cannot rest any part of your rifle on your legs.

Originally Posted by DaveTV View Post
On that, surely if the elbow is rested on the knee, the butt pad could be rested in the elbow, which essentially makes it the same as resting on the knee from a support point of view. And without deep visual inspection by a marshal for every shooter thats going to be difficult to spot.
Doing this will result in a zero the first time we catch you, if you do it again you will be disqualified, this is just as bad as using a normal kneeling position & resting the hamster on the forearm which is supported by the is illegal & you are CHEATING if you do this
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