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Default UKAHFT Rule Change

We’ve recently had a number of concerns & complaints raised about kneeling shots as it seems a number of shooters are again stretching the rules.

Just to clarify….. during any kneeling shot (supported or Un-supported) the only parts of your body that can support the rifle are your hands & shoulder, you are not allowed to rest the rifle on your leg. During a supported shot you may rest any part of the rifle on the support but you must still assume a three point kneeling position.

The resting of the butt pads on the leg seems to be happening in two ways:

1) Reverse kneeling positions, whilst this position is legal, resting the butt of the rifle on the knee or thigh is illegal.

2) During an unsupported kneeling shot, in the past we have allowed a long peg to be used as a support, unfortunately a few shooters have now started resting the rifle on the leg when assuming this position which is often difficult to spot… future all unsupported kneeling pegs will be 4” high & you may not rest any part of the rifle or arm on the peg.

Anyone seen by a marshal taking either of these shots will automatically get a zero, if they are caught doing it again at any shoot they will be Disqualified.
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