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Default Wind and Rain

Thanks to avon hawks for bravley putting on todays opening Wafta 2012 FT Series round.

Good balance to the course, enough shorter ones so most could hit something now and again. Tough course though.
Wind had a large hand in that plus the rain eventuall forced it way through the trees so keeping dry was as much of a challenge as the shooting lol

First part of the course in thick pines was not too bad while the second open part was a bit trickier to read. Standers were long, perhaps a few yards shorter for one in each lane to balance up and make give soome a better chance at getting one.

As ever, arms dealer was top company to shoot with today. Not seem him go a turn out for ages but it was funny as it was" miss the plate no 2" shot of the day! wont mention the 42 yard stander lol

Good shooting though and a cracking 42 yard neeling shot

Hopefulyl We (Wafta) can get out grading rules sorted out soon as it was obvious to all there today things are not right

Results (vcomments to amuse, some cheer after a damp old windy day )


1- Jack (beaten by a B grader) Harris 33 ( ex 40)
2nd Jason (i should have listened to Lez) Harris 29

A class

Peter (turn out) Jacob 33
Russel Speedy) Summers 29
Craig (heads i win) Morgan 24
Tom (Tails i loose) Gould 24
Nigel (should have used my Steyr) Hayman 24
Dave (I should have walked) Gage 21

B class

Simon (I am not a ringer) evans 34
Chris ( I am a Ringer ) Keyworth 32
Rhys (A good man to sort sort these grades) Bowen 26
Lloyd (not so slow) summers 18
John (Raffles) Jonston 18
Vince (i dont want to wait and see the results) Bowen 17
Lez (Zos scopes are the Best) Davies 14

C class

Chris ( Castleton top shot by ) Miles 18
S (for Stool) James 12
Wayne (Is my gun broke ) Brookes 10
Charlotte (proof of age please) Sowsbury 9
Tosh (Mikes Walther has water running out of it, i better put it away ) Crocker 7 - Part course
Mike (Morf patched have run out i can feel the cold) White 6 - Part course
Rob (Forgot to aim at the kill? ) Slaughter 6 - unfortnatley completed the course!

Some low scores but not easy day.

Think some of my Tondu commandoes need a bit more trainign in how to miss?
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