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Originally Posted by strangefroot View Post
Eyup paul , as dave n dave have said, weve had a mental idea of the classic courses lines for a good few months now & weve been putting some finishing touches to em both today . The firing line ropes wont go out until next week ..... this gives us the option of checking the weather forecast for next weekend & altering the length / difficulty to suit . all the ft shots will be 40 /45 mm & we will try to make the courses as varied as possible , bearing in mind that the shoot attracts entries from all the grades .

I can assure you & everyone else thats shooting next week that the only people knowing any distance of targets will be non shooting marshalls .As for gaining an advantage from practicing on the courses , only 4 or 5 lanes will be shot from a familiar area & all the shots in that part of the wood will be angled & changed drastically .

See ya all next week , it'll be a growler !!!!

cheers , calps .

'Ow do Andy, thanks mate.
I was just being nosey as to how it all works. Given the scale of the shoot, sure it takes a lot of sorting. Looking forward to scaring myself for the first time on a classic, fingers crossed it's not too much of a nightmate
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