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Default Local places to stay

Originally Posted by TeamZ View Post
Hi Doz,

Any info on local B&B's mate,


Chris Large

The post code for the ground is CF46 6PG.
There are quite a lot of hotels within 12 miles of the club.

The plan is on the Saturday to start a bit later say 11:00 so people who are travelling can get there in good time to get ready.
The second day we will start at approximately 09:00, this then means that we will finish at a decent time and people can get on the road early.

I will speak with Dorian regarding shooting 1 day, issue I have is would the score count in any way as the competition is a 2 day event I can't see it counting? In the meantime if your happy to pay half the entry fee then I will discuss it further with the lads in the club.

This is the first 2 day event held in Wales and for the people who have shot the Anglo before know it is a cracking event all round.
Let's make it a special weekend and get the forms into Dorian ASAP. The more numbers we get in the better the prizes will be. The club and it's members want to make the event worth while for all who attend.
For the lads and ladies who have shot nelson ground before, you know the ground is worthy of a big event like this.

Hope to see more entry forms in for the event as we only have 5 weeks for this event to take place.

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