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Originally Posted by SDplinker View Post
I'm in a similar position to the OP - but I'm shooting a springer. TX200 around 11fpe.

Over here in the US, the Nikko warranty is a little sketchy now that Legacy Sports stopped importing the Diamonds (as far as I know). So it makes a used purchase worrisome.

So if using a springer - does the Leupold advice hold true still? And what is meant by 'harder to use'? Also is the Mk4 x35 that Simon is referring to a custom model of some kind?

Thanks for the info - learning a lot.

The thing is casey , the Nikkos and the older Big Bsa are heavy . now add a heavy springer like a TX200 and you have some serious weight . the scope most used on springers with any real success over here is the Bushnell elite 8+32 . range on 32 , shoot on twenty . light bright and ranges well . if you do not like the front focus scopes then try a lupe comp X in fixed 35 mag . very easy scope to use , but MUST have a small sidewheel for ranging cos otherwise you get too large gaps . the lupe MK4 in 32 mag and 35 have a premier ret , if it goes wrong that could be a problem .cheers HOLLY
PS all scopes with fine optics and a lighter build can differ in their ranging cos of light and heat and cold . wheras big nikkos are made from old melted down dustbiin lids and the bottom of beer bottles and rarely shift ?
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