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Originally Posted by ellis d View Post
Ive used nikkos ever since i got back into FT, ive got a superb mk1 ive used for seven years,
and a mk4 ive only had for 4 or 5 months, which is a good scope as well, the point of the thread
is, the lad is just starting FT and in my opinion needs a scope he can "rangefind" with straight
away, and not have to worry about temp shift, theres enough to think about in FT as it is.
I personally dont care if the sight picture isnt as bright as a leupold..**** and bender or a march, the aim of the game is to rangefind the target, and from wot i have seen and heard, a good nikko will put the others in the shade all day long... I wouldnt swap my mk1 nikko for ten leupolds.....
Hmmmmmm the last i heard all you could swap a Big Nikko for was a dustbin ??? HOLLY
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