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Default Big nikko

Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
We were setting up a big Nikko at tondu yesterday and the owner had very small gaps between 45m and 50m. 40 was not far away either
I would say about 4 mm.

As such no real way of marking 47.5 m (his choice to do M, i did not put any pressure on him)

At the other end, he has huge gaps between 12,13, 14 etc M.

So, how do you re-parallax a big nikko, mk 3.
Looking for slightly bigger gaps from 30 - 50 m.

Wheel is already about 4-5 inch?

Simon,the best way is definitely to buy or make a "sharkfin",depending on the size you fit ,it will give you the equivalent of a 7-8 inch wheel at the ranges you want.This will immediately double the gaps from 40 yards on.
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