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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
A good idea.will see that something is available at Wafta Gp.

even if its a bit smaller? something is better than nothing?

My idea of the small bottle is not proving to be as easy to impliment at a cost i would like.

500cc 250 bar looks best bet so far, but even that new is 125 + fittings etc!
Yep. 500 cc x 250 bar gives you 125000 bar CC... but you want to fill at 200 bar, so actually you only have 500 CC x 50 bar which is 25,000 bar CC

you want to fill a 200cc EV2 from 100 bar (ish) which means each fill back up to 200 bar needs 20,000 of them... which means you will get 1 fill... after that you'll be filling below 200 bar... ok, so you may squeeze 2-3 out if you fill at say 150 and only fill up to 180-190... handy, but expensive. It makes you wonder why the EV's don't do detachable bottles...
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