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Default warwickshire open results 2012

open winner and warwickshire champ dean burfoot of harriers,scores are out of 40
aa grade
1st dean burfoot 36
2nd andy calpin 34 half the bloody coarse kneeling and standing
3rd marc fisher 33
4th john cox 32
5th andy gillot 31
neil daniels 31
dave harrison 31
6th john harris 30
7th nick murphy 29 shooting piston
kevin sayers 29
roger dyson 29
daz tomes 29
8th neil thorncroft 28
9th russ spencer 23
mark charlton 23
10th mark brewitt 22 piston
11th simon higgins 18 piston sft
a grade
1st willbe baskerfield 35
2nd adam walsh 34
3rd steve lloyd 30
4th val szulc 29
danny webb 29
carl davis 29
5th rob long 28
6th terry southern 26
7th john sears 20
8th mitch tomes 19
9th jim vickers 18
alan king
b grade
1st debbie clarke 28
2nd jim carter 27
3rd clive pearson 26
4th sue swift 23
5th eddie williams 21
6th ian burton 20
bill peat 20
7th steve fiddler 18
8th phil riches 16
c grade
1st lloyd harvey 21
2nd craig frost 20
3rd cloe jackson 19
4th conner walsh 16
5th molly 14
6th craig robbins 9

1st nick murphy 16 piston
2nd neil daniels 15
andy calpin 15
3rd john cox 14

golden bunny adam walsh

hope u enjoyed the shoot very tricky wind ands a big well done to dean burfoot warwickshire champ 2012
cr 97 in jim vickers ft stock bsa big 60 scope, and silly about of hunting guns

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