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Hi Chaps

Sorry I haven't updated this series for a while, I haven't shot an HFT comp for a while now and due to a recent back injury I haven't been doing a lot of shooting at all lately.

On the plus side, I have had a bit of time to sit down and write some more stuff - I've just added a new article on how to use my ranged mildot targets :-

> Zeroing your scope for all ranges <

and I'm currently working on the next article which will be all about how to range find in HFT using your parallax.

Dunno how relavant this is now days as I haven't shot in an UKAHFT events for a while, but I've got some time on my hands and I noticed that the range finding manual I wrote years ago still seems to get plenty of downloads - it's about time I updated it with some better methods and a bit more explanation.

If I've missed out something or made any mistakes, please let me know

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