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Default Advice ?

Originally Posted by rickysdaystate View Post
as above really, any recommendations for a new comer to FT shooting? looking to spend no more than 500 really, i have thought about the following so far, but been as though i haven't a clue about FT shooting i thought id ask you
Bushnell 8-32x40 mill dot
Big nikko 10-50x60
Falcon T50
The Advice always remains the same . GO TO A CLUB AND TRY EM . preferably if buying a second hand one . try before you buy . at least if you go to a club you will have some idea what to look for . buy the best scope you can afford cos just about any rifle you pick up will out shoot you to start with . then when you get more experience you can shift up rifles and keep the scope as you go along . Cheers HOLLYPS my tuppence worth is to get Leupold comp X in 35 mag .
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