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Default Shite!

Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Quick visit to tondu today to try out my birthday pressie, the Billy Smart Gimp coat.

Thing is it was muddy so not using it unless its dry!
back to the trusty 1+half cow coat that worked Sunday.

Anyway, needed to set up the Priest as i had lost the crib sheet and test with dai 50 exacts.

So, 50m and did three groups of 5, the result of which and further testing was Priest likes dai 50 but more so when sized to 4.50.

tried a touch of lube and that too worked well.

Only downer on today was i did all my range markings and have lost the scribbled bit of paper so will have to do 8 -20m again, bugger!

Top gun + pellet combo for a "spare" though, will use at avon Hawks on 29th.

Only one thing to say about those groups, "****!" My reject barrel groups better. You want to buy it?
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